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Siri is Google's biggest competitor in mobile search

The recent study on the preferences of customers who use smartphones shows that Siri is the most widely used search engine after Google. The experiment was conducted with the help of eight hundred smartphone users in the US.

It's not a surprise that Google appeared to be the winner in this experiment, showing over 80% of respondents using this kind of search engine. However, for the owners of iPhone the results show a little less number of Google users, which is 78%, while those who have smartphones with Android operational system use Google in 90% of cases.

Interestingly enough, the next most widely used search engine appeared to be Siri, which showed much better results that Yahoo or other search engine systems. For 13% of iPone owners Siri is actually the only one search engine they use. Although we can't say that this information is 100% reliable, because these are the personal responses of users, which may not match their true behavior in real life.

In general, the results show that for iPhone users the most preferable virtual assistant is Google, but with the appearance of voice search many of them changed their behaviors, especially the youngest users. It seems that in future voice search is going to be a serious competitor for traditional search and we are looking forward to seeing how Google is going to manage this situation.

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